Pilates Sessions on Equipment - Line 5 Pilates Studios Vancouver
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Change happens through movement and movement heals.

– Joseph Pilates


At Line5, our focus is on helping you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. We offer custom programs for injury prevention and rehabilitation, pre and post-natal pilates and physical development. Our services include Private & Semi-private Pilates sessions, small equipment & mat classes.

Joseph Pilates himself rarely worked with groups. Most of his work was done one one, so each person’s session was designed with specific attention to their needs. To get maximum benefits, we decided to follow Pilates and keep to the original idea, our classes are small, precise and focused.

Our equipment sessions will bring your attention to the mind/body connection through a series of challenging exercises created by Joseph Pilates. The focus is on movement originating from a specific breath pattern that will target the deep core muscles and stabilizers of the spine. The exercises are designed to promote freedom of movement by creating space, realignment and balance correction in the body. You’ll develop better posture, longer and leaner muscles, and most importantly, a profound awareness of your own body. This dynamic and energizing session will leave you feeling stronger, taller and refreshed.

Private Instruction

You get undivided attention and custom-made sessions to address your specific needs. Exclusive one-on-one sessions provide calm and focused private instruction with just you and your instructor. No distractions. You’ll work deeply and achieve faster results.

Line5 Pilates Studio Vancouver

Semi-Private Instruction

These semi-exclusive sessions allow more affordable customized workouts for you and a friend. An instructor will answer questions and help you focus in on your body’s requirements. Designed for great results in a concentrated session.


Equipment classes provide you with focus and concentration in a more social and affordable environment. They are faster paced with the feel of a group setting. A great way to stay motivated with others who share your desire to get results. We understand that each individual has different goals and needs so we now offer Multi Level Circuit classes in addition to our beginner through level 3 classes.

Specific Levels Classes

Led by our instructors where participants follow the same program designed with little modifications to maintain the flow of the class and provide a well rounded workout. Please make sure to pick the right level for your abilities, if you are not sure which class is best suited for you, ask the experts.

Line5 Pilates Studio Vancouver

Multi Level Circuit Classes

The closest to a private session within a class setting. If you are looking to follow your own pace and receive more individual attention while working on your goals, this class is for you. Let our expert design a specific program tailored to your needs and assist you through your workout while receiving guidance to make sure you stay true to the technique and feel the benefits Pilates has to offer.



Line5 Studios is Vancouver’s professional Pilates centre for men and women looking for a total training experience. Effective. Empowering. Holistic. Led by Pilates specialist Mylene Perrier, a dedicated team of certified instructors offer you highly-personalized instruction. With outstanding client follow-up and support.