To ensure that your sessions and classes go smoothly, there are a few things you will want to know when at Line5. Below are our studio etiquette to help make your time with us a positive experience.

You will want to allow yourself a few moments to adjust to the studio before your session begins. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your start time; your Private session or duet will run for 55 minutes, classes are an hour in length.

Please be mindful of your voice level when entering and while in the studio as to not disturb other clients while sessions or classes are in progress. Being an open space, loud voices can be very distracting to clients who are focusing on their work.

Give yourself a chance to really connect and to be fully present, we ask that cellphone remain off during your time with us and tucked away with your belongings.

Pilates is done with bare feet (or we have pilates socks available in the studio) Please refrain from wearing shoes in the studio, we like to keep things spotless.

Keep any valuables you may have with you in the main studio in the cubbies by the water cooler not in the change rooms. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Please familiarize yourself with the studio’s cancellation and package expiration policies. They will be strictly enforced.

In order to help you achieve proper form, your instructors will use hands on queuing. Let your instructor know if you have reservations or are uncomfortable being touched.

If you arrive early and would like to take a moment to stretch or warm up, you are most welcomed to use a roller or mat if available. Please wait until your instructor is ready to start the session or class before using any equipment, your safety is top priority, let the professionals guide you.

Line5 Studios is Where the Focus is on You!