“Pilates, as a young male, I was a little skeptical when starting 2 years ago. But since, the results have been amazing. I really got into it after a major injury I sustained one summer, a shattered pelvis. The doctors said I would notice the injury throughout the rest of my life. They were wrong! With Mylene’s help I got back into shape, after an eight month healing time. I started the rehab process of building my confidence and muscle strength with Mylene. I have recently completed MT. Kilimanjaro and didn’t notice a thing during my hike and was normally ahead of the group. My core is stronger than ever and energy levels are at all time high. I continue to see Mylene today with no end in sight.
Every stereotype I had about Pilates being non-masculine or wimpy is completely out the window. It’s the best workout I endure during the week and feel blessed to be in such good shape after a major injury. It helps me in all the sports I do from water skiing, basketball, dirt-biking and snowboarding. Pilates has lead to wonderful results and am very thankful to be taking Pilates.”

~ Adam, Financial Advisor

“I’ve tried numerous exercise styles with many instructors and finally found the method and instructor who gives me results! Mylene is a patient, intuitive teacher with a deep understanding of Pilates. My workout is made for me, designed for my body type and issues. Within the first three weeks of sessions, my hip pain was gone. After three months, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m making better lifestyle choices that I’m finally sticking with.”

~ Christina Owner of IFG Creative Marketing

“I’ve always gotten bored with the same fitness routine in the past. But in Pilates, there are hundreds of exercises, and just when you think you’ve mastered one, Mylene takes it up a notch to a whole new level of difficulty. It can be an extremely hard, deep workout, but one that’s so rewarding, I can’t imagine ever giving it up.”

~ Tracey,VGH Healthcare Management