About Line5 Studios – Certified Pilates Instruction in Downtown Vancouver
Awarding winning Pilates studio in downtown Vancouver! Certified Pilates instructors offer you highly personalized instruction, focused on results and you!
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Everyone is the architect of their own happiness. - Joseph Pilates



At Line5 Pilates Studios, our focus is on helping you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. We offer custom programs for injury prevention and rehabilitation, pre and post-natal pilates and physical development. Our services include Private & Semi-private Pilates sessions, small equipment & mat classes.


Line5 Pilates Studio is located at 1 West Pender in the Chinese Freemasons Building, an award-winning, 1907 heritage space at the gates of Vancouver’s Chinatown, close to Stadium Station.

Experience Pilates private sessions or classes as well as movement workshops in our welcoming, spacious and light-filled studio. Enjoy wood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and new Pilates reformers, towers and stability chairs. An intricate 20-foot-high Chinese window screen divides the studio into two beautiful spaces. One for private sessions and equipment classes, the other for specialty classes and group workshops. In keeping with the building’s unique heritage, exterior window hangings feature archival news stories from 1910.


Studio owner and instructor Mylene Perrier has a passion for Pilates and movement that she is dedicated to sharing. Line5 Studios is the result of her dream to bring together a unique team of instructors to provide holistic, lifestyle services in one beautiful space.

Practicing Pilates on a consistent basis changed my life and gave me confidence in my own strength. For me, it was the missing piece to a complete wellness regime while recovering from a hip injury. When I do Pilates, I feel energized, calm and strong, ready for my busy day!

Each Pilates session helps me work from a place of self awareness and a deep sense of focus, it gives me the tools to welcome everyday challenges with energy and humour. For me, Pilates is like peeling an onion: you can do it all your life and you’ll never get to the core. There will always be more to discover!
– Mylene Perrier


At Line5, Pilates is our life passion and we want to share it. We’re dedicated to the process of learning about the effect of the mind on the body and how to unlock the barriers that get in your way. Our job is to free up possibilities. To get to the yes-we-can-do-it, rather than the no-we-can’t.

We’re well-educated professionals who have studied Pilates results on ourselves and are hungry to learn more. Each person we work with provides us with that opportunity. Our approach is results-oriented and fun!


You get undivided attention in our exclusive private instruction on equipment. Line5 also offers semi-privates, customized for your specific needs. We keep our classes small – only 4 people to a session so you still get a lot of individual attention. We stay true to the intent and effectiveness of Pilates, designed to get results through a personalized approach.

What People Are Saying About Line5 Pilates Studio Vancouver


Line5 Studios is Vancouver’s professional Pilates centre for men and women looking for a total training experience. Effective. Empowering. Holistic. Led by Pilates specialist Mylene Perrier, a dedicated team of certified instructors offer you highly-personalized instruction. With outstanding client follow-up and support.