Testimonial - Line 5 Pilates Studios
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Meet Cathie and what she thinks of Line5


“I am a very active 60 year old and am often asked the question: what do I do to stay fit?


After finishing two big ski trips, again I was asked that question. The answer is always the same: For the past 16 years, the only thing that is consistent in my workout is PILATES.


I try to include some cardio training once or twice a week in my exercise regime and am a generally active person who loves the outdoors. People are always amazed that I don’t regularly go to the gym. If I am away or travelling I always incorporate some sort of Pilates mat work and stretching between activities.


I have been practicing at  Line 5 for the past 6 years. It is the best studio I have ever been in. All the instructors are very knowledgeable, each one finds something different for me to work on reminding my body and mind not to get stuck in the same routine. It is great being able to have so many choices when an instructor goes on holidays or my schedule changes, there is always someone available for a session.


Whether preparing for golf, cycling, hiking or skiing, each instructor always finds ways to improve my overall strength and agility. Of course with all these activities come injuries! The most major and recent were a torn ACL and broken wrist. My recovery from both have exceeded my expectations and I was back doing all my activities earlier than anticipated.


Finally, I love the high ceilings and beautiful building, it helps me forget about the Vancouver rain.”